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'.. ..' ". ..' .", .'. z3". . , (Dementia, Mars)The secret is out, humans live on Mars.The Demetian Documentary reveals their story, well what was leaked about two of them. The only U.S. volunteers code-named WINNER A++ and loserf- had part of their video-footage commentary and journal entries (written in the coded language above), illegally declassified leaving the National Security Agency (NSA) no choice but freely release it to the public.Yes, humans live on Mars, but will they survive?Find out when you complete the story written by Angelica G. Allen in this book, BUT WHAT IS A FAMILY?Her fourth book is a collection of Millennial Poetry like COVID-MANICURE, JUST FACTS PT.2 and #ALTONSTERLINGHAIKU (that describe this generation's unique issues like the awkwardness of online dating and the harmful truths of their political climate), two stories written in her Millennial Fiction genre and illustrations allowing readers to visualize the worlds. Enjoy JUST FACTS PT.2"I AM WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR THIS."(PAGE 41)
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ISBN: 9798637021888
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 5th, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English