Tempest in Macedonia (Paperback)

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" . . . Blackmail of innocent and unarmed people, robbery, murder of men and women, pitiless torture of priests, doctors, and school-teachers, mutilation of bodies, arson of churches, anarchic dynamite against any friend of law and order, destruction of Orthodox Christians and Muslims, terrorization, bloodshed by slaughter, plunder . . . "

That's how foreign correspondents and Consuls described the orgy of blood in Turkish-occupied Macedonia, and when cavalry Lieutenant Calergis volunteered to become a guerilla, risked his life to cross the inaccessible north, had a personal experience of the situation and realized that reality was even more tragic, he swore on the blood of the dead to pay the murderers in the same coin.

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ISBN: 9781914534065
ISBN-10: 1914534069
Publisher: Ontime Books
Publication Date: June 17th, 2021
Pages: 202
Language: English