The Revealing (Hardcover)

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Frustrated, Pastor Don finds himself slowly suffocating in a church where people are more interested in the homemade delicacies of potluck dinners than in changing the world. If only he could see their hearts, he could make a difference. One night after an exasperating Bible study, Don cries out to the Lord, asking for the ability to see the hearts of people. God the Father sends the Revealer, a human embodiment of the Holy Spirit, to spend a week with Don. The Revealer leads and guides Don through monumental discoveries of the heart. Don laughs, cries, and is broken as he sees the core of others' souls. At the end, Don's own heart is revealed to him. Don's relationship with the Revealer is applicable and available for all, and those who read this book will have a strong desire to know this Revealer. When we are able to understand each other's hearts, we will grow closer.
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ISBN: 9781725291652
ISBN-10: 1725291657
Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)
Publication Date: March 8th, 2021
Pages: 146
Language: English