A Single Day of Peace: An Inspirational Novel Revealing 50 Principles That Can Transform Your Life (Paperback)

A Single Day of Peace: An Inspirational Novel Revealing 50 Principles That Can Transform Your Life By Stephen D'Angelo Cover Image
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This book was written to help people achieve a more happy and successful life while better connecting to their spirituality. To provide direction for anyone that is seeking self-improvement, growth, motivation, and more fulfillment from life.

We all have parts of our lives that are flourishing and parts that need healing. Things we would like to change and improve. The proper mindset and actions we put into these life circumstances make all the difference. The essence of the book is about the universal search we all undertake to find our true spirit, happiness, self-worth, and life success. This search for self-realization often requires courage to challenge the status quo to find and be who we are meant to be. The 50 success principles outlined provide direction for anyone that is seeking a more happy and successful life.


A Single Day of Peace takes the reader on a fictional journey between two seemingly opposite worlds: the corporate business landscape of New York City and the austere Catholic Church. The protagonist demonstrates how the values and qualities needed to live a meaningful life do not come from the rules and social norms instilled by either world but rather from 50 guiding principles the author clearly lays out. The unique methodology of using a fictional storyline to provide self-help to the reader will appeal to readers young and old.

- Lexi Marie, Bookstagrammer @completely__booked.

About the Author:

Stephen is a business executive with 30 years of experience in the software technology industry leading high-performing global organizations. Through his extensive business success, he has a keen awareness of the critical success principles everyone should follow to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. Stephen is a proponent of what he calls Spiritual Leadership which is something everyone, regardless of their chosen field, can execute to achieve greater success and happiness.

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ISBN: 9781637460337
ISBN-10: 1637460333
Publisher: Kharis Publishing
Publication Date: June 30th, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English