Crime and Corruption (Paperback)

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Newly emerging African democracies have let down the people of Africa, and have brought about untold misery and suffering.

Most of Africa's social, economic, and security challenges have arisen due to the failure of political leaders to instill sanity and discipline in the government machinery. In fact, many join politics with the sole aim of accumulating riches in the shortest space of time.

In the detective novel Crime and Corruption, a police inspector probes the deaths of a prominent businessman, his son, and some residents of Ndirande Township in the city Blantyre. What he finds leads to a cover-up by those he never would have suspected.

Killy Kandeu Chisale wants to tell the people of Africa in this book that freedom without responsibility is dangerous and destructive. He reveals the evils of corruption in combatting crime, because in a corrupt society some may feel above the law, and these are the ones who cause suffering for peace-loving people.

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ISBN: 9781631356605
ISBN-10: 1631356607
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2016
Pages: 254
Language: English