Irate (Paperback)

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A hot-headed Thrash Metal bassist struggles with his abusive family history that affects his future with his House Songstress girlfriend. World-renowned Heavy Metal bass/vocalist Ramiro Espinoza of the band "Irate" seemed to have it all on stage. But, backstage his life was far from perfect. He grew up in a house hold, where his Jesus-obsessed father constantly spewed bible verses to him. On top of that, Ramiro, his mother, and sister endured lots of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of this mad man. Rock/Heavy Metal was an outlet for Ramiro, where he learned to play bass guitar and finally found his voice to sing. He wrote lyrics about his bad relationship with his father and other issues in the world that vexed him. He and two bandmates formed a trio with an aggressive, fast sound that captivated millions of fans. His fiance Noelle, an African-American House singer gave up her gigs in small venues in New York to tour with Ramiro around the world. While on tour, Ramiro repeated the same patterns like his father did to him, his sister and mother. Ramiro would put Noelle's music down, belittle her in front of everyone, and even got physical with her. Without hesitation, Noelle left Ramiro right in the middle of his tour. He knew he had a problem and couldn't fight his demons alone. His management arranged for a therapist to tour with this metal god, holding sessions between shows. Ramiro needed to make things right, so Noelle would meet him at the altar. But, his father who made his life a living hell as a child has resurfaced to annihilate Ramiro's happiness. Now, he must confront this demon in human form.

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ISBN: 9780578311166
ISBN-10: 057831116X
Publisher: Alexis Writer Press
Publication Date: January 21st, 2022
Pages: 344
Language: English